Nadine Fenton

I am inspired by the tactile qualities of textiles. My work refers to the traditions of domestic handicrafts but has a modern stance with a whimsical flair. The pieces that I create are also inspired from nature, especially plant forms and sea creatures. Many are designed to move and change shape, while bright, vivid colours impart a playful, joyful quality. I particularly enjoy bringing about the expressive interplay of shape, texture, colour and light. My work is inspired by botanical forms found in nature, but also by the elegance and sensibilities of artists like Klimt and Klee. It is fluid, with a whimsical sense of colour and movement not possible with two-dimensional media.

I use traditional textile techniques of knit, crochet and lace-making to create wearable sculpture in metal. Each piece is stitched completely by hand using crochet, knitting and lace-making techniques. I favour materials such as fine silver and silver-plated anodized metal, with pearls, gemstones and glass beads for an extra dimension of colour.

I create sumptuous pieces that are visually stimulating, ask questions, evoke emotions and add beauty to their environment.

Jewellery can be worn as a statement of mood, emotion or whimsy. It is art that travels everywhere with you and provokes the imagination.